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My interactions with my collection of some of the worlds most venomous snakes.


This is where you can find answers to many of the questions I’m asked on a regular basis.

Q: How much do you think you spend for feed stock?
A: About $165/month

Q: Are any of your adults or hatchlings available for sale?
A: Yes, animals are available to qualified individuals who have verifiable references or have a State issued permit.

Q: Do you keep any non-venomous snakes?
A: No, not at this time. I am really a venomous snake specialist.

Q: Have you been bitten by your snakes?
Yes, fortunately not often. The only time I needed Antivenom was my first bite in 1974.

Q: Maybe a stupid question, but why don’t you just put a water bowl in with them instead of using the squeeze bottle?
A: Three main reasons: 1) Many snakes will not drink from a water bowl. 2) When I give them a drink from a squeeze bottle, I can observe them actually drinking, something I cannot do if they drink from a bowl. 3) I get to interact with them in a positive way, sort of bonding in a way.

Q: Do you milk the snakes and send the venom to the hospital to create anti-venom?
A: No, only certain labs are certified for that process. Hospitals do not make anti-venom, Pharmaceutical companies do.

Q: When snakes yawn and open their mouths and show off their fangs is that a defense mechanism or is the snake actually tired?
A: No, they yawn to put their venom apparatus & jaws back in alignment.